Tim Nickerson

President, USAF ETASS II Division

Mr. Nickerson is responsible for providing strategic planning, direction and guidance for all command and control (C2) and intelligence engineering, technical, and management services. He manages the operations of select Theater C2; Battle Management; and Business and Enterprise IT programs overseeing cost, schedule and technical performance. Mr. Nickerson has 11 years of experience leading Department of Defense systems research, development and acquisition programs; and 15 years of experience as a navigator and pilot in the USAF; and certified Level III in Program Management. Mr. Nickerson joined Oasis in June 2012 supporting business development and serving as a Program Business Unit Director on several Professional Acquisition Support Services contracts before assuming his current position. Prior to joining Oasis, he spent 26 years as an active duty Air Force officer serving in various operational and acquisition positions within Strategic Air Command, Air Mobility Command, United States Air Forces Europe, and Air Force Materiel Command. Mr. Nickerson is located at the Oasis Home Office in Lexington MA.
Aside from his career, Tim is a family man, loving husband and father of one. In his free time, he enjoys running, playing ice hockey and fishing.

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