Engineering and Integration


Oasis has a long history of providing mission-focused, full life cycle Systems Engineering and Integration (SE&I) support to deliver highly interoperable and effective solutions for our customers. Systems engineering and integration involves bringing together a component’s subsystems into one system and ensuring that the subsystems function together as a system and linking together different computing systems and software applications, physically or functionally, to act as a coordinated whole to assure achievement of expected performance, within cost and schedule. SE&I is becoming more important in today’s technological era as additional systems are designed to connect, both within the system under construction and to systems that are already deployed.

As a systems integrator, Oasis understands the need to add value to the system while introducing and enhancing capabilities for system/subsystem interaction. The key to successful integration lies in deploying the right systems for our customer’s business requirements, as well as ensuring that they operate together seamlessly and are scalable for future enhancements. Our engineering experts work closely with our customers to anticipate their needs and ensure that their objectives are accomplished in a responsive, effective, and profitable manner. Our SE&I services include:

  • Engineering Design, Development, Integration, and Installation
    • Mechanical, Electrical, Network, Structural, Civil, Geotechnical and Environmental Engineering Disciplines
    • Engineering Design, Development, Integration, and Installation
    • Infrastructure Architecture and Engineering
    • System and Business Process Engineering
    • Requirements Analysis and Management
    • Equipment/Systems Concept Design, Prototyping, Development and Fabrication
    • Test and Evaluation
    • Automated Test, Measurement and Control Systems Development
    • Application Specific Software Development and Integration
    • Data Collection, Processing, Analyses, and Visualization Systems
    • AutoCAD/SolidWorks Design Modeling and Drafting
    • Specialized Ocean, Marine and Ship Systems Engineering and Naval Architecture
  • Engineering Support Services
    • Facilities, Systems, Infrastructure Planning, Modernization, and Installation
    • Quality Assurance Monitoring, Calibration, Test and Evaluation
    • Engineering and Interface Documentation and Publication
    • Facilities and Systems Operations and Maintenance
    • Unmanned Maritime Systems
  • Program and Logistics Management
    • Integrated Logistics and Sustainment
    • Training Development
    • Systems Definition for Acquisition Support
Kevin brings 29 years of Engineering, Information Technology and Operations Management expertise to our clients in the areas of Systems Engineering and Integration, Information Technology; Cyber Security, Intelligence and Special Kevin Veach, President, MAR Specialized Engineering Division
Mr. Nickerson is responsible for providing strategic planning, direction and guidance for all command and control (C2) and intelligence engineering, technical, and management services. He manages the operations of select Tim Nickerson, President, USAF ETASS II Division
Brenda Boone was the President and Founder of HSI and is now the President of the HSI FAA & NASA Division of Oasis. Brenda has over 24 years’ experience in Brenda Boone, President, HSI FAA and NASA Division
Tom led an investment group that acquired Oasis Systems in November 2010. Prior to Oasis Tom was founder and CEO of American Security Ventures, a firm that specialized in raising Thomas J. Colatosti, President and Chief Executive Officer of Oasis Systems
Mr. Krawczyk is responsible for providing strategic planning, direction and guidance for all engineering, technical, and management services for Air Force programs. He manages the operations of select Battle Management; Pete Krawczyk, President, DoD Programs Division